Choosing Your Shopping Cart

web shopping cartChoosing Your Shopping Cart:

1. Know the type of server you are using.

2. Decide how you want to process your credit card. Swipe, manual, virtual, phone, gateway, real-time?

3. Choose the e-commerce card provider that will supply what you need at the
best rates.

4. Decide what functions your cart “must” have for your business.

5. Decide whether you can afford to buy a cart or must wait and use a free cart.

6. Talk to others who have carts. Look at their sites and see how they are using them. Will it work for you in your situation? Ask what they like and don’t like about their cart. If you buy something on the internet and like the cart, email them and ask what cart they use.

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7. Choose a cart that will give you what you need to process your orders in the easiest fashion possible. One that is user friendly and client friendly.

8. If you decide to use a free cart to start, begin to look at “for purchase” carts, so that when you see how successful you can be with a cart, you will know which cart to purchase for your needs and pocketbook.

Keep in mind that cheap is not necessarily cheap. Time is money and set up time equates to money. Expensive is not always “best” if it doesn’t suit your needs. There are so many shopping carts available, that you CAN find just the right one for your needs that you can easily afford.

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