Greeting Cards For Business Promotion

Greeting Cards For Business Promotion

Personalized Greeting Cards for companies can prove to be a key component in building a successful business promotion campaign. Successful campaigns don’t happen by chance. Like any solid marketing program, they require careful thought. Of course your budget must be considered, but you must also bear in mind other factors like your target audience and your ultimate goals.

Define your promotion objective:
Decide what you want to have happen in the end. Whether you are trying to increase sales or awareness, be able to state exactly what will make the program a success.

Identify your target audience:

Is it a particular industry, demographic, or do you just want to motivate your own sales staff? Decide exactly who you want to be aware of your message.

Plan the Business Greeting Card distribution:

How will your business greeting cards get to your audience? Will you use direct mail or present them yourself? Depending on your goal, the method of distribution can greatly increase your campaigns effectiveness.

Develop a theme, if appropriate:

Building your message around a theme helps to brand your message and your company in your target audience’s mind.

Develop a message for imprint:

Along with business greeting cards, using promotional products in your marketing campaign can be a huge asset. In some cases, you’ll use only your company name or logo as an imprint. In other instances, such as a direct mail campaign, clever copy ties your promotion pieces together, giving a better impact.

Wanting to sell several exclusive properties on a golf course, one real estate agent created the theme “Are you ready for a day on the green?” and sent personalized photo greeting cards, along with custom embroidered golf shirts, and golf caps to his clients.

His clients not only purchased all the real estate, but he now gets consistant repeat business and also great referrals as a result of the campaign.

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