Successful Full Color Printing

Successful Business Printingfull color business printing

Like many aspects of running a business, a little education and homework on printing options can go a long way towards saving you a heap of time and money. All the elements and decisions that go into printing a quality promotional product can get fairly complex, from creating the right layout, to choosing the right type of paper and finishing to get the results you want, at a price you can afford. Fortunately, printing doesn’t have to be painful, time consuming or budget busting. If you follow these four key steps to guide you through the decision-making process – You Will Win Big!

1. Determine which type of printing is right for your needs. Commercial printers like are the choice for producing high-quality, professional looking full-color materials for modest to medium quantities, Since the main cost in offset printing is the preparation and setup expense, you can maximize your printing dollar by printing more per order. Generally, the higher quantity you order, the lower the cost per piece. If you are looking to print in a larger quantity (100,000+), consider a Web Press. Web printing is used for economically printing large runs of catalogs, magazines and newspapers.

2. Decide what to print and how to prepare it. In addition to budgetary needs, there are a few to consider when deciding both what you want to print and how you will create the layout. The amount and type of information you want to convey. How the piece will be distributed and handled. The customers you’re targeting. The image you want to present.

Design Options:

You don’t need expensive designer software these days to put together and print an effective layout. If you’re comfortable on a computer program such as Microsoft Word you will be able to design your business promotional products online with the “Design Center”. Our web site Design Center is available 24/7 and has easy to use templates, which you can customize with your logo, text, and photos. If you already have a design or have access to your own design software you can up-load your digital artwork through the Design Center. You can purchase and download stock images online through and add them to your piece for a professional “finished” look.

Print Format:

Have a short message or offer and want to grab attention quickly? Postcards are a common choice for direct mail, business cards and Capture business cards are good for sales staff, while rack cards are a good options for displaying around town. Brochures, newsletters and catalogs are other options, whether you distribute them through the mail, your store counter, or at a trade shows.

Paper and Coating:

Thicker paper holds up better for handling and feels more substantial. Business cards and postcards printed on a quality, card stock go far towards projecting your image as a serious, successful business. Uncoated paper is a good choice for your stationery or if you or your recipients will be writing on the item.

3.You are putting more on the line than some of your hard-earned dollars: at stake is your business image as well as the success of your marketing campaign. Try to incorporate some of these principals into your text and design: Build a positive company image – Assist the firm’s personal selling efforts – Encourage new customers – Open new territories – Increase product demand

4.Save time and money by ordering online. With the advances made in computer graphics and the Internet, obtaining professional quality printing and promotional products online has never been easier. If you appreciate the convenience of instantly pricing, configuring, and ordering from your desktop, and you are comfortable working with your computer, and don’t mind having your product shipped directly to your home or office, Full Color Business Printing Service is the answer.

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