The Importance of Business Stationary

A business card, a sheet of letterhead, and even your envelope can make that invaluable first impression

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of business stationary. Though a business stationary package doesn’t have the glamour of a movie poster or packaging for a new product, it can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. A business card, a sheet of letterhead, and even your envelope can make that invaluable first impression that leads to further business – or the lack of it. Without a personalized stationary package, a small business might never attract the bigger, better-paying customers it needs to grow.

Computerization and the Internet have made custom stationery design simpler and more affordable. Ironically, it’s also given a boost to designers at the same time it’s taken away some of their clients. Small Business Owners are now able to design their own office stationery, rather than spend money to hire a designer, leaving more money for business promotion. Online Fonts, Stock Photos and Royalty Free Images, Vector Art, and other design elements have made it simple for designing via the Web.

With’s Online Design Center, we are able to help businesses make an even better impression. The End User site is one of the most sophisticated online print engines available. Users have the ability to order a wide range of print products, design those products online, or upload completed designs for those products all in a secure Internet environment.

This design center is one-of-a-kind. It allows users to graphically create artwork for their printed product using a simple web browser with a standard Flash plug-in. For the more advanced user, the system gives you the ability to upload a complete artwork file, preflight the file and proof it online before ordering

When you compare your business cards or stationery with that of the competitions, you will demonstrate just how much difference your well designed stationery package can make. From the stationery alone, your image will appear professional, intriguing, competent and interesting. Use our online art library to inspire you, and to generate ideas.

And remember that your use of even one unique design element, paper stock, or clever use of color, will set many businesses apart from their competition and lead to growth, increased revenues, and perhaps for you plenty of repeat business.