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A logo can be a sleek symbol representing your company’s expertise, or products or it can be a creative use of the type in your company name. While a company may spend a significant amount of money on promotional materials and other marketing endeavors, too frequently a logo re-design is put on the back burner because it’s such a challenge to develop a logo that works. Here are some tips for companies and designers who are considering creating or re-designing a logo:

Logo Development

The logo development process should include interviews with key corporate personnel. These people should identify the image they want to portray and the ideas they want to communicate with their logo. As part of this process, the designer and company personnel may want to review the logos of competitors or similar companies, indicating what they like and don’t like about these logos. This step will give the designer an idea of how the logo being created will fit into the competitive marketplace. Even non-competitive organizations can benefit from reviewing similar organizations’ logos.

The company should, however, be sure that the image being created is uniquely its own and could not possibly be confused with that of another company. You may also want to seek legal advice on protecting your new logo, but much of that can be done online by you quite easily – The designer should have a clear understanding of the potential uses of the logo before the design process begins. It’s also a good idea for the designer to create a logo style manual, which will show how the logo should be used in a variety of situations – including Business Stationery, Web Site, signage, trade shows, product packaging, and a range of other possible promotional product uses.
As logo design options are being evaluated, the following questions should be asked:

Is the logo timeless? Will it be just as effective five or ten years from now?
Will the logo be effective with all audiences, possibly including international markets if the company does foreign business?

Do the logo colors reflect the “feel” the company wants to impart? For instance, a law firm looking for an understated, dignified image may not want a bright red logo, while red may be perfect for a toy manufacturer wanting to appear dynamic and cheerful

Can the logo be used in a variety of forms? For instance, can it be enlarged or reduced effectively? Can it be used in black and white if necessary? How will the logo look when photocopied or faxed?

What kind of paper will best present the logo? Once your logo is created, make a splash with it. Use its “unveiling” or introduction as a reason for a party for clients, a press release, or a press conference.

A new logo symbolizes that you are moving forward, that you are a strong and growing organization. It can also reinforce your services or products in the eyes of your clients and prospective clients. Finally, make sure you have digital copies of your logo on hand in case immediate needs develop.

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