Hot Foil Stamping Basics

Foil labels, stationery, envelopes, and business cards are all good prospects for hot foil stamping

foil labels

Similar to embossing, this technique stamps thin foil to paper or address labels with a hot metal die. Price can vary with the complexity of the die and the type of foil used. Metallic, clear, colored, and patterned foils in various gloss or matte combinations are all available. Custom labels with a slightly debossed effect can be produced by stamping the foil flat. Tinted films called foil enhancers can also be applied to make the foils look richer or more legible.

When designing foil labels for stamping, keep these tips in mind: Foils can be stamped over one another; not all Pantone colors can be matched in foils; and like ink they can look different against different colors of paper stock. Use heavy paper, allow plenty of space between foil stamped and printed artwork, and remember that flat foil stamps looks larger once printed.

address labels hot foil stamped

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