Website Shopping Cart

web shopping cartWeb Site Shopping Carts

You now have a web site and have decided in order to sell your products you need a shopping cart.

What you will need to run a Shopping Cart.

* A shopping cart program.
* An e-commerce account.
* A SSL certificate.

Before you begin to shop for a cart there a few things you need to know and some decisions to make before you purchase, lease or install a cart on your site. Continue reading “Website Shopping Cart”

Shopping Carts – Advantages and Disadvantages

free shopping cartsFree Shopping Carts: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many good free carts available. Of course, the biggest advantage, especially to a new website owner is the “freeness”. Many web hosts offer a free cart with web hosting. Many e-commerce providers offer a free shopping cart. Continue reading “Shopping Carts – Advantages and Disadvantages”

Choosing Your Shopping Cart

web shopping cartChoosing Your Shopping Cart:

1. Know the type of server you are using.

2. Decide how you want to process your credit card. Swipe, manual, virtual, phone, gateway, real-time?

3. Choose the e-commerce card provider that will supply what you need at the
best rates.

4. Decide what functions your cart “must” have for your business.

5. Decide whether you can afford to buy a cart or must wait and use a free cart.

6. Talk to others who have carts. Look at their sites and see how they are using them. Will it work for you in your situation? Ask what they like and don’t like about their cart. If you buy something on the internet and like the cart, email them and ask what cart they use. Continue reading “Choosing Your Shopping Cart”