Optimization Strategies For 2007


From an interview with David Berkowitz, director of strategic planning at 360i, a New York-based search-marketing agency. Mr. Berkowitz offers these 12 tips for search engine optimization.

1. Use Google Base: A free version of paid inclusion; optimize feeds for it. Try this: In Google, type in “Used cars.” A link above the natural search results will offer you a link to “Refine your search to used cars.” Click on the link. The results are a prepared feed with no web link. They were uploaded en masse, and automatically became part of the Google Base. Google is populating its main search engine with links to Google Base. Searchers get “hyper-relevant results” as if to say Google knows some results that are even more relevant than what our algorithm found. http://base.google.com. It’s in Beta.

2. Optimize anchor text: The copy within hyperlinks. Make sure the text in the link is relevant, and doesn’t just say, “click here.” Search engines pay more attention to links and their anchor text.

3. Blog PR: Get bloggers on board, and if they bite, they’ll link to you. Have a blog and have bloggers refer to your site. This is a public relations activity. Be front and center in blogger’s minds. Continue reading “Optimization Strategies For 2007”